Airlines are gearing up for the biggest holiday travel season ever. There are going to be a lot of people who are spending Thanksgiving and Christmas away from home. And if you plan on saving a few bucks and staying with friends or relatives, please remember to be a good house guest! What does that mean?

Here, let me remind you of how we can be good guests!

This is Not a Hotel, Motel, or Holiday Inn

You might think this goes without saying but it has to be said. Don't leave wet towels on the floor. Don't trash up your room and leave it. Don't make messes and expect your host to clean up after you. And, please bring your own razors, or at least ask for a new one. Sigh...

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Mi Casa Aint Really Su Casa

Know what one of the number one complaints about house guests are? Putting feet on the coffee table. Just because you do it at home doesn't mean it's okay to do at someone else's house.  And, for everything that is good and right in the world - DO NOT leave your hair on the shower wall or personal items hanging out for all to see. #vomit

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Offer to Make/Help with Meal(s) or Pay for Meals Out

Unless you are staying with Miss Betty Freakin' Crocker, be a good house guest and at least offer to chip in for meals. And don't just expect to be served. Planning, preparing, cooking, serving, and cleaning up after meals is really really hard. I am not a working B&B, nor am I a restaurant. I gave up being a waitress long ago. Offering to be helpful goes a long, long way on being invited back.


Don't Invite Other People Over without Permission

Yes, this has happened to me. They might have looked like these two.  I'll leave it at that.


Keep Opinions and Negative Talk to Yourself

You are staying in someone's sacred space. If you don't agree with their parenting style, eating style, religious or political beliefs, or anything else with their lifestyle just keep it to yourself. If it's too hard, find a hotel, motel, or Holiday Inn before spilling the beans because you will all wish you had it in advance!


Drink Responsibly

Nothing good ever comes from getting loaded on the holidays. Let's see, there's risk of saying things you don't mean, getting really emotional and repeating yourself a millions times, spewing bodily fluids around, and being a general @$$, which are all things we want to avoid. Please don't be this person...

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Don't Bring Your Pets Unless They Are Invited

Guess what, that sweet little Baby Boy of yours is going to mark his territory all around our hosts' home. It's going to happen. Get a pet sitter or leave them in the care of a pet boarding service. If you do bring your pet, make SURE you clean up after them, take them out frequently, and don't expect your host to be your pet sitter.


Don't Spend Your Entire Time Sleeping

I know this sounds weird but it's happened to me on a couple occasions. Granted, I get up between 5-7 AM but sleeping until two or three in the afternoon when you are there to spend time with someone is just bad manners. It just is.

Well, unless your host also wants to sleep til 2 PM and party all night, then you are good!

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