While Bruce Wayne did not make an appearance at the Evansville Police Department today, Batman did - or at least that is what the EPD named their unusual guest.

From the photos shared by the Evansville Police Department to social media, what appears to be a Big Brown Bat (yes, that is its technical name - not just its description) found its way into the office of the city's Public Information Officer. In the photos you can see Batman, just chilling out upside down on the ceiling of the office. Luckily building authority maintenance person, Josh was able to swoop in and save the day - and the bat.

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We are not sure how the bat found its way into the police department or what it was hoping to find inside. It is not uncommon to find the occasional bat in your belfry - or attic, garage, house, or police department, as the case happened to be this time.

Bats typically migrate in the spring here in Indiana. The Big Brown Bat is one of thirteen bat species that call the Hoosier State Home and it is the only one that is not considered "State Endangered" or of "Special Concern." Bats are incredibly beneficial creatures when they are not hanging out in inappropriate places. They are wonderful at combatting the mosquito population as they can eat half their body weight in mosquitos and other pest insects - every day!

With Halloween right around the corner (it is our favorite holiday around here!) - I've already been buying spooky decor, including some adorable bat decorations but a real-life bat is not exactly my idea of good Halloween decor so I'm glad the EPD were able to safely remove Batman from the building and release it back into the wild.

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