For as many big name guest stars as 'The Office' has seen walking through the halls of Dunder-Mifflin over the years, the long-running NBC series has had quite a bit of talent behind the camera as well. While previous episodes have seen Joss Whedon and 'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston helming 'The Office,' now it seems the acclaimed Jon Favreau will be stepping behind the camera before the May series finale! Find out what role Jon Favreau will play in the final episodes of 'The Office' inside!

We knew that 'The Office' would play host to plenty of guest stars in its final season (and hopefully a few returning), but we didn't expect such a huge name not to appear on-screen! Per TVLine, we've just learned that 'Iron Man' and potential 'Star Wars' director Jon Favreau has signed on to helm an 'Office' episode in the show's final season, which resumes with "Lice" on January 10.

Still in the planning phases however, it isn't known exactly which episode of the coming run Favreau will direct. At the very least we know that directing for NBC won't be a huge stretch for the actor/writer/director, having helmed the pilot episode of the network's breakout series 'Revolution.'

Well, what say you? What will Jon Favreau's directing style bring to his episode of 'The Office?' Have you been enjoying the show's final season, set to close its doors in May? Check out the latest promo for "Lice," and sound off in the comments!

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