Anyone who has been around for more than a few decades now knows that what was old has a way of becoming new again. Whether it is fashion or home trends, those blasts from the past always seem to make a resurgence.

Vintage is Cool

One of the hottest and most popular trends right now is the rebirth of the mid-century modern era. From kidney-shaped coffee tables and velvet sofas to pyrex and hanging oil lamps, we just can't seem to get enough of it. Personally, I have a beautiful dresser, mirror, and high-boy chest manufactured by United Furniture at home that is absolutely stunning and in beautiful condition.

Allison Cain-Duce
Allison Cain-Duce

It's Nostalgic

For me, and I think for a lot of us, mid-century modern is a nostalgic design element and reminds us of time spent with our grandparents as children. When I first fell in love with mid-century modern about a decade ago, it was not quite as popular as it is now. Now that it has gained more popularity we are seeing more and more of it in vintage stores across the country. Of course, with increased popularity comes increased price tags too, but can you really put a price on this level of cool?

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Where To Find It

There are a number of ways to find mid-century modern pieces for your home. You can watch online marketplaces like Facebook and Craigslist. You can scour local auction sites, check area thrift stores, or just ask your grandparents for their old stuff. There are also plenty of vintage and antique stores to peruse through. It was one of those vintage stores that my friend Allison visited recently and I knew I just had to share the details with you.

Dashwood Vintage and Flora

My friend Allison sent me some photos while on a recent trip. She and her husband were in search of some Nashville hot chicken and what better place to find it than in Music City itself? Plus, she had been wanting to visit this vintage superstore she had seen online. Well, I'm calling it a superstore... it is 7,000 square feet filled with vintage and mid-century modern goodies. Based on the photos Allison shared with me, it is glorious and I cannot wait to visit myself! Take a look at the photos below and get ready to plan your next vintage shopping trip.

This 7K Square Foot Vintage Shop In Tennessee Is A MCM Lover's Dream Come True

Dashwood Vintage and Flora is 7k square feet of vintage furniture and decor sure to wow any mid-century modern lover.


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