With over 200 million downloads to mobile devices, Angry Birds is a full-fledged phenomenon. Now an Atlanta teacher has found a way to use it as an educational tool as well.

Since the birds are catapulted into the sky, John Burk, a ninth-grade physics teacher, felt it was a great way to teach students the laws of projectile motion.

As Burk blogged, it didn't take long for the kids to understand "the two big ideas of projectile motion: the horizontal component of motion is constant velocity, while the vertical component is constant acceleration. Both of these ideas are so well understood that my students were able to say they already thought they could solve most problems with these concepts."

Burk isn't the only one using Angry Birds to enlighten students. Ever since Google Chrome made the popular game available on the web, educators nationwide have brought it into the classroom to help make seemingly complicated physics theories simpler and easier to understand.

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