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Welfare Drug Testing Bill Advances Despite Controversy
A controversial piece of Indiana legislation that would make it mandatory for welfare recipients to submit to random drug tests, as well as limit food stamps funds for only nutritional items is advancing to the state Senate, despite concerns over violation of human rights and overall cost.
Indiana Wants Public Body Prayers to Acknowledge Christianity
Indiana wants the U.S. Supreme Court to permit prayers that subscribe to specific religious affiliations to be recited prior to all public government assemblies. In an attempt to make this happen, the Indiana attorney general’s office signed a friend-of-the-court memo earlier last week asking the U.…
Indiana Releases School Bus Inspection Reports Online
Do you want to make sure your children's school bus is safe? If it resembles the picture above, we think you should be.
In all seriousness, Indiana officials have completed their annual inspection of area school buses used in transporting children to public and private schools - those resul…
What Are the Rules for Owning an Exotic Pet in Indiana?
Did you know that it is perfectly legal in the state of Indiana to have a pet alligator, beaver, wolf and even a bear? Well, it is just as long as you do things by the book and obtain a wild animal possession permit from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.