One Illinois aquarium is preparing its penguins for nesting season, and some of them are very impatient for materials.

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The nesting season for penguins has begun at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. The aquarium released a video showing their lovable, adorable penguins getting their nest ready in the hopes for new babies to be born soon. There is one in particular penguin that takes a big pretty amount of straw and really just doesn't care that he did.

There are a few different types of nest: scrape nests, mounds or flat ground, burrows, and then the no nesters and it depends on what type of penguins the species is on which nest they will build.

Adelies build nests of small stones that they use to line depressions in the ground. Gentoo penguins use nesting materials ranging from pebbles and molted feathers in Antarctica to vegetation on subantarctic islands. Emperor and king penguins build no nests. They stand upright while incubating a single egg on the tops of their feet under a loose fold of abdominal.

Now I need to make a trip to Chicago this summer to see all of the baby penguins that will be born soon. Penguins (beside elephants) is one of my favorite animals to visit and learn about, so I love this time of year knowing that baby penguin are on their way.

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