Tight roll those Jordache jeans, slap that fanny pack around your waist, and hose down that perm with plenty of Aqua Net (OK, maybe not that last part), and get ready for a blast from the past at Showplace Cinemas with their '80's movie showcase beginning August 3rd!

From action and adventure favorites to coming-of-age comedies, the 10 week showcase will feature a classic '80's movie every week, each of which will start their run on a Friday and conclude the following Thursday beginning with Raiders of the Lost Ark.

(Ryan O'Bryan)
(Ryan O'Bryan)

In case it's hard to read the photo above, the complete schedule is as follows:

  • August 3rd - 9th: Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • August 10th - 16th: Top Gun
  • August 17th - 23rd: Footloose
  • August 24th - 30th: Princess Bride
  • August 31st - September 6th: Big
  • September 7th - 13th: Romancing the Stone
  • September 14th - 20thSixteen Candles
  • September 21st - 27th: Back to the Future
  • September 28th - October 4th: E.T.
  • October 5th - 11th: Ghostbusters

Tickets are only $2.00 each, or just $1.00 all day on Tuesdays only. As of this writing, neither the poster above, nor the Showplace Cinemas website mention showtimes for any of the films. We have reached out to the theater for that information and will update this post once we receive it.



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