Kentucky State Police has reported a school shooting at a Kentucky High School earlier this morning where two students have died and 19 have injuries. Our thoughts and prayers are going out to the students, staff, family, and friends at Marshal County High School in Benton, Kentucky today as news broke today of a shooting that occurred on campus. Here are all of the details that we have so far, but we will update you with more information as we get details.

On a personal note, this hits home with me. I spent quite a few years right down the road in Murray, Kentucky during college. Not only that, but I also have family that lives in Benton. Several cousins that have graduated from Marshal County High School, and a few that currently attend. I am thankful to report that my cousins are all safe. However, very saddened that something like this would happen. It's been 20 years since that area faced a tragedy like this when Heath High School had a school shooting as well. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected.




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