And you can expect to see some familiar faces. 

Our beloved "Saved by the Bell" is officially getting a reboot! According to NBCUniversal, the reboot has been picked up by a new streaming service called Peacock. But even more exciting is that both Mario Lopez (AKA A.C. Slater) and Elizabeth Berkley (AKA Jessie Spano) are rumored to be a part of the new show!

Berkley responded to the news by sharing a series of photos of her and Lopez on her Instagram.


It's been over 30 years since "Saved by the Bell" premiered, so it's safe to assume the two will play a grown-up version of their original characters.

According to Today, the Peacock streaming service will be released in April 2020 and feature tons of classics, including classic shows, including “Parks and Recreation,” “The Office,” “Will & Grace, “Cheers,” “Frasier,” “Saturday Night Live,” “30 Rock” and “The King of Queens.”

The article also stated that Peacock will feature a talk show hosted by none other than Jimmy Fallon. Also coming to the streaming service a "Real Housewives" spinoff, classic films and original content, including movies and shows starring Alec Baldwin, Demi Moore, Christian Slater and Emmy Rossum.

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