Growing up in Princeton, our pizza choices were pretty slim. The only locally owned pizza place that I can remember was Pizza Village. Chains are good, but there is something special about local hometown spots that do things their way.

If you grew up in Evansville, you probably know about and have dined at Roca Bar Evansville, but did you know that they served the first pizza in Evansville? According to their website, Roca Bar Evansville served the first pizza in 1953. This piece of Evansville's history branched off into a new version Roca Bar North in 2010.

Ten years later, Roca Bar North is now under new management. Derek Ungethiem is running it now, and the restaurant has plans to get back to the 'Authentic, original pizza recipes' that the original Roca Bar is known for.

Personally, I have only eaten at Roca Bar North. It's a pretty convenient, since I live out that way, and they have a drive-thru. When I'm not ordering a pizza (Gluten Free for Doug) I order the chicken pesto panini, hold the pesto.

Now that Roca Bar North is partnered with Grubhub, I'll have to try the updated menu.BAR Pizza

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