Valentine's Day is quickly approaching! Yep, February 14th - same every single year! My guess is that the tried and true Texas Roadhouse and Red Lobster would be delicious but sitting and waiting for a table for a couple hours won't be romantic. So, here are some options here in Evansville that might not have as long of a wait (if any). The food is still delicious and your date will be thankful that you thought ahead... Phone numbers are listed below so call ahead just to be on the safe side!

The Gerst Haus
2100 W Franklin St. Evansville, IN 47712
Telephone: (812) 424-1420

Though I am a big fan of the traditional German fare, my husband is not. So, he always gets the catfish when we visit the Gerst Haus. The quaint and causal atmosphere would be perfect for the couple looking for a relaxing and fun V-Day.


Cafe Arazu
17 West Jennings Street Newburgh, IN 47630
Telephone: (812)842-2200

With charm galore, the locally owned and operated eatery really gets your taste buds up and running with a range of ethnic spices! Dishes are mainly Middle Eastern cuisines, and your date will be beyond impressed with the spectacular wine list. Top your evening off with Penny's Lithuanian torte and a pot of  French Press coffee for two for an after dinner treat! Dress is casual but you won't be out of place if you take it up a notch.


Tokyo of Japan
3000 North Green River Road, Evansville, IN 47715
Telephone:(812) 401-1020

I have been a fan of Tokyo ever since they were in old fast food burger joint on Diamond. The newer building on Green River is modern with Japanese traditional tones and the food is even better! Whether you choose sushi, hibachi or both, you won't be disappointed in the meal quality, size or price! Top off your meal with a shot of warm saki and don't forget the shrimp sauce - I buy it by the quart...

The Jungle
415 Main St Evansville, Ind. 47708
Telephone: (812) 425-5282

The Jungle offers remarkable fare paired with a historical yet hipster atmosphere, making it a trendy choice for your Valentine's Day date. Whether you are a hunter or an herbivore, the nature-inspired dishes just might make your evening a little wilder!
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