With the arrival of each new year, all of our stations here at Townsquare Media come together to put on Community Job Fair. In years past, we would host our job fair at the Holiday Inn, along with dozens of Tri-State employers and hundreds of folks looking for a job. Since last year's job fair, the Holiday Inn has closed, and the world has been consumed by a pandemic. In 2021, we had to change directions just a wee bit, and our job fair will be held virtually - and that actually comes with a few advantages over past years.

Instead of being held for just a few hours on one day only, this year's job fair will be held for an entire month (starting February 1st), which means you can access it anytime that works for you and your schedule. And since it's all virtual, you don't have to worry about your appearance. Want to search for area jobs in your jammies, or underwear, or even your birthday suit? Go for it, no one's gonna see you.

We'll have more info, details and instructions soon for those who are looking for jobs - but right now I want to talk to those businesses and decision-makers who are hiring. If you would like to be a part of our job fair, there is still time to get registered, but time is running out. The deadline to join the TSM Community Job Fair is Friday, February 5th. Our Digital Sales Manager, Sarah Robinson, joined us on the MY Morning Show to share more information for potential vendors.

Call (812)425-4226 or email sarah.robinson@townsquareignite.com.

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