The summer of 2018 is in full swing, and what better way to cool down on these hot, humid Tri-State days than with an ice cold 20-ounce RC Cola! As a way to say thanks to their loyal customers, RC is looking to hook you up with a sweet new t-shirt with their "Collect 10 to Win" campaign!

Participating is easy! Buy 20-ounce bottles of RC Cola from your favorite retailer and take a look under the cap. If it says, "BOTTLED BY TRI-STATE CANNING., EVANSVILLE, INDIANA 47714," save it. Once you have 10 of those caps, toss them in an envelope, along with a notes mentioning your preferred shirt size, and mail them to the following address to get your shirt!

Media Mix Communications
P.O. Box 15335
Evansville, IN 47716


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