I had a ball with David Fogle the founder and owner of Computer Dave PC Repair, LLC. He is the man we all know as, "Computer Dave." He talks about how he first got interested in computers and the reason he opened his computer business.

Dave addresses the greatest threats to our computers and what to look out for. His business will build you a custom computer for you with everything you dreamed of having on a computer. The thing I love about his business is their customer service. Dave has a heart for helping people and he makes a person feel welcomed and valued as a customer. The readers of the Messenger Inquirer voted Computer Dave's business as the top computer service business in town, and once you experience his customer service, you will understand why.

Check out Computer Dave's website and give him a call today! http://www.computerdavepcrepair.com/

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Since Dave works on computers all day, I thought the stability ball would be the perfect and easiest piece of equipment for him to use. Check out Dave's first ab curl on the Ball! You can also incorporate the Ball as a chair at work or home! Remember, a little bit of exercise goes a long way at the end of the day! For more Shaped by Faith inspiration check out https://www.shapedbyfaith.com/exercise-at-home/

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