A wildfire that burned more than 10,000 acres during the overnight hours Monday was moving dangerously close to the Los Alamos National Laboratory nuclear weapons complex in New Mexico.

The fire, which was 4 miles away from Los Alamos on Tuesday has burned about 93 square miles in less than two days, MSNBC reported.

New Mexico Fire

The Los Alamos National Laboratry is one of the country’s top national-security research facilities. The laboratory was closed on Monday and Los Alamos was placed under a mandatory evacuation. The lab planned to remain closed at least through Wednesday, with only the essential of the facility’s 11,000 employees allowed on the property.

On Monday night, authorities said radioactive and hazardous materials were beyond the reach of the fire’s flames, but that special teams were called to monitor levels of chemicals in the air as a precaution.

The first atomic bomb was developed at Los Alamos Laboratory during WWII, CBS reported.

Check out video of the wildfire below.

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