Foreign policy or the risk of being a sitting duck may prove to be the least of President Barack Obama's worries this week, when he sets off to the wild Alaskan frontier.

According to the New York Timesour 44th President will soon film an episode of NBC's adventure series, which follows Bear Grylls as he braves nature with celebrity guests. The episode will specifically focus on observing "the effects of climate change on the area," according to an NBC statement, and the White House says it will find the President mostly atop Exit Glacier in Alaska’s Kenai Mountains.

"As long as I’m President, America will lead the world to meet the threat of climate change," Obama tweeted on August 29 just a couple of days before the announcement was made.

On the show, Bear Grylls has previously challenged Zac Efron to smell sliced-open decaying rabbit carcass, encouraged Channing Tatum to kill and eat a rattlesnake and rappelled down a tree with Deion Sanders. Michael B. Jordan will appear on tonight's episode at 10 PM.

Grylls is also infamous for drinking urine, eating deer droppings and sleeping inside a dead sheep's carcass while on Man vs. WildIt's just fleece, if you really think about it! Still, we'll take our collection of jersey sheets and freshly-washed duvet, thankyouverymuch.

Will you tune in to the Commander-in-chief's Running Wild episode? Tell us what techniques you hope he'll tackle in the comments.

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