Bobby and I had the very exciting opportunity to ride Holiday World & Splashin' Safari's new ride, Cheetah Chase. This isn't like a typical inner tube water slide. Cheetah Chase is a launched water coaster. You know how Thunderbird launches you right out of the gate? Well, it's like that, except it's propelled by water.

In some water attractions you are more likely to get more soaked on one side or the other. Cheetah Chase is equal opportunity when it comes to getting drenched. There is  a 100% chance that you will be completely soaked in the first 5 seconds.

Another really cool feature about Cheetah Chase, is that it is literally a chase. You can race against your friends and family, as 2 boats are launched at the same time. One races around the left side, and one goes right. Also like Thunderbird, each side is a little bit different. Then, there is the big picture perfect finish at the end, where you can see which team has won.

With more than 1,700 feet of combined track, Cheetah Chase is the first water coaster of its kind. It is among the first dueling water coasters in the world, and is the first to feature a flat-launching section to start the ride. Riders will be propelled using targeted water nozzles (rather than Linear Induction Motors used for Wildebeest and Mammoth). 

Splashin' Safari is now open daily, and your ticket price includes both parks, free parking, free sunscreen and free unlimited soft drinks.

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Holiday World 2020 Season Updates

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