Having kids is a lot of work, as this woman proves in spades.

This poor woman has eight-month-old triplets, as well as a two-year-old. That means free time is a thing of the past for her. To get an idea how tough it is, check out this video of her changing the diapers of all four kids (you just know she's praying for the day the older one is potty trained).

It's a constant barrage of kids coming and going off the bed. It's not just a handful -- it's about four handfuls and we have to give this mom credit for accomplishing a tough task. It's even more amazing when you consider she's probably going through this routine several times a day.

Mother's Day can't come soon enough for this mom, who needs to be thanked for all her hard work and dedication. She deserves a break, which makes us wonder why the person who took the time to record this and post it on YouTube never thought to get in front of the camera and help her out.

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