Twitter has seen some zany faux-accounts lately, including a NY Bronx Zoo snake escapee, Adolf Hitler and some random guy's liver.

So when Osama Bin Laden rose from the dead and began tweeting via numerous accounts on Sunday night, it was only a little strange.

Mostly, though, it was funny.

Some of the more notable tweets include:

@BinLadenInHell: "That Celine Dion music kept me up all friggin' night. Hell really sucks!"

@OsamaInHell: "Oh good - turns out James Franco is teaching a class here next month."

@GhostOsama: "Good news, confirmed all my virgins are girls, got 70 left, about to be 68"

@Real_Bin_Laden: "I already miss my mansion. Had just gotten that 'World is Yours' statue and the desk full of cocaine set up where I wanted them."

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