There's been a lot of work happening at the building located between Ingle and 2nd Streets downtown, and something really cool is coming. 

Photo Courtesy of: Downtown Evansville Facebook Page
Photo Courtesy of: Downtown Evansville Facebook Page

The building at Ingle and 2nd Street in Downtown Evansville is a very interesting looking building. If you've driven by it lately you may have noticed there's been some movement and work going into the building and maybe you've wondered what's going on?  Turns out a new restaurant is coming to town!

According to our friends with the Downtown Evansville Economic Improvement District a new restaurant is in the works to go into the building at Ingle and 2nd. The restaurant will be serving up baked goods, Ramen, and Southeastern Asian Street food. The building will also house luxury apartments.

The project is still under some construction, but they're planning on opening their doors in Spring 2020.

If you want to keep up with all the exciting things happening Downtown, you can stay up to date by following Downtown Evansville on Facebook.


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