Thanks to funding from the EVSC Foundation, more than 2,500 high school student athletes in the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation will now have an extra layer of insurance in the event they need treatment for concussion-related injuries. The EVSC Foundation has invested in the Headstrong Concussion Insurance Program that completely covers the cost of treatment and follow up of concussion-related injuries for student athletes.

“We are excited to offer this for our student athletes,” said Andy Owen, EVSC director of athletics and physical education. “We have worked tirelessly the past several years with our community partners to help reduce the number and severity of concussions we see in our students. Headstrong Concussion Insurance is just another way that we can support our student athletes and their families. We are thankful to the EVSC Foundation for allowing this to be possible.”

Headstrong Concussion Insurance was specifically developed to insure student athletes from the high cost of concussion treatment and the follow up that may be required. Any student who receives a concussion in any IHSSA sanctioned sport, as well as cheerleading, will be eligible for coverage. Coverage is secondary to any other insurance or can serve as the primary if no insurance is available. Students can go anywhere locally and state-wide for treatment and still be covered under the plan.

“While we never want any student to ever be injured, this insurance at least protects our families from possible out-of-pocket costs they may incur as a result of a concussion,” Owen said. “Plus, by covering follow-up treatment, we can ensure our students are not only returning to the field healthy, but more importantly, returning to school quicker and healthier.”

According to Owen, Headstrong Concussion Insurance is the latest offering in the district’s quest to support student athletes. The EVSC Foundation, in partnership with St Vincent, Tri-State Orthopaedics and ProRehab coordinate the athletic training program that is instrumental in providing injury prevention and treatment to athletes - all at no cost to EVSC schools or athletes.

“EVSC is at the heart of our community, building our young people’s values, strengths and encouraging a positive future,” said Philip Rawley, chief executive officer for Tri-State Orthopaedics. “Tri-State Orthopaedics is proud to partner with area schools to help meet the need for support at this fundamental level. Investing in our young people will continue to improve the future of our community.”

The EVSC is also a part of the St. Vincent Sports Concussion Alliance that provides education to administrators, athletic trainers, coaches, parents and student athletes on identifying concussions, seeking immediate and proper medical treatment, and using standard guidelines to return athletes to play.

“The Concussion Alliance has created timely communication resulting in an unprecedented benefit for Southern Indiana,” said Pat Wempe, chief executive officer of ProRehab. “These complementary entities have not only been focused on ‘return to play’ guidelines but also equally on ‘return to learn’ principles of education. The bottom line for our community is that playing high school sports has never been safer. This comprehensive community approach to the management of the concussed athlete is second to none on a national scale.”

For more information on the EVSC Foundation, visit, call 812-435-0913 or email info@evscfoundation.

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