It's hard to imagine/remember what we did before streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. How would we ever get caught up on our favorite shows? Nobody knew what in the world 'binge-watching' was. Now it's a part of our every day vernacular.


The folks at Netflix have compiled a list of the most binge-watched shows for 2017. They actually give us info on two categories of watching. Shows we 'Devoured' by watching more than 2 hours a day...and shows we 'Savored' by watching less than two hours a day.

Netflix is also bringing people together, whether it's a couple wanting to "chill and Netflix" or a group of friends having a viewing party (like we did for Stranger Things 2). They put together a list for those shows too...just keep scrolling.

Top 10 'Devoured' Netflix Shows of 2017

  1. “American Vandal"
  2. “3%"
  3. “13 Reasons Why”
  4. “Anne with an E”
  5. “Riverdale”
  6. “Ingobernable”
  7. “Travelers”
  8. “The Keepers”
  9. “The OA”
  10. “The Confession Tapes”

Top 10 'Savored' Netflix Shows of 2017

  1. “The Crown”
  2. “Big Mouth”
  3. “Neo Yokio”
  4. “A Series of Unfortunate Events”
  5. “GLOW”
  6. “Friends from College”
  7. “Ozark”
  8. “Atypical”
  9. “Dear White People”
  10. “Disjointed”

Top 10 Shows That Brought Us Together

  1. "Stranger Things"
  2. "13 Reasons Why"
  3. "A Series of Unfortunate Events"
  4. "Star Trek Discovery"
  5. "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life"
  6. "Riverdale"
  7. "Fuller House"
  8. "Chef's Table"
  9. "Atypical"
  10. "Anne with E"

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