NBC's 'Revolution' seems to be doing well enough on its own, but it certainly didn't hurt that the J.J. Abrams-produced series had a bit of a boost in its pilot episode from director Jon Favreau. Now, NBC hopes Favreau will bring the same lucky charm to Jason Katims' forthcoming 'About a Boy' pilot, putting Favreau once again in the directors' chair. Casting has yet to begin, but what's the buzz 'About a Boy?' New details inside!

Much of the pilot season buzz goes to big-name actors filling roles for hot new projects, but sometimes the director's chair goes in the spotlight. That's the move NBC seems to have pulled once again for upcoming pilot 'About a Boy,' putting 'Revolution' pilot and acclaimed Hollywood director Jon Favreau at the helm for the new series from 'Friday Night Lights' creator Jason Katims.

The subject of a 2002 Hugh Grant film and original Nicholas Hornsby novel of the same name, ‘About A Boy’ will follow the relationship between a “bachelor man-child” and the young boy who moves in next door with his quirky single mother.  NBC’s effort is actually the second attempt to adapt the film for a TV series, as in 2003 FOX ordered a presentation written by Matthew Carlson and starring ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘s Patrick Dempsey.

In addition to Favreau's NBC relationship directing the pilot of 'Revolution,' the 'Iron Man' franchise helmer will also direct an upcoming episode of 'The Office.'

Well, what say you? Does 'About a Boy' grab your attention more with Jon Favreau at the helm? Tell us what new series you're most looking forward to in the comments!

(Via Deadline)

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