The past few days have been consistently gloomy in the Tri-State with cloudy skies and off-and-on bouts of rain. With more rain in the forecast for the next several days, the National Weather Service in Paducah, Kentucky, issuing a Flood Warning for the next several days for several areas of the Tri-State.

Fortunately, the rain has had enough starts and stops to give the ground time to soak it up, so the potential for flooding on most streets won't be an issue. When it comes to lower-lying areas, particularly those near the various rivers in the Tri-State, it's a different story.

As the rain we experience in our area starts to make its way east, it will continue to fall on other areas the Ohio River cuts through. Since the Ohio runs toward the Mississippi River, all that water will make its way right back to us on its way to the mighty Mississip', likely causing flooding in the various river bottoms of our area.

44News meteorologist, Jackie Brown tweeted a graphic earlier today highlighting the areas most likely to see flooding.

The Warning goes into effect as early as 6:00 a.m. Thursday morning in some counties, and remains in effect until as late as Friday, January 27th.

[Sources: 44News & Eyewitness News]

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