Potholes are not the biggest threats on the roadway.

The biker in this clip is pretty familiar with hogs (he is riding one, after all), but has to deal with an animal he hardly expected to encounter when a snake lunges at him while he is out cruising along the roadway like he's filming a commercial for just how liberating the motorcycle he's on can be when you just need to get away from it all.

Look how quickly the biker swerves out of the way. It's like he experiences this all the time and moves away from the reptile as swiftly and expertly as if he was trying to avoid a speed bump.

Let's give the snake some credit, though. He probably realizes this is not a well-traveled road and his chances for getting someone to stop and give him a lift are slim to none, so he just goes for it. He's an aggressive critter, which is usually a good quality, unless, of course, you're a snake because the combination of snake and aggression does not go over well with the human community (or the animal one, for that matter).

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