I get a lot of compliments on my 'specs' and my favorite thing to do is tell people, "Thanks, they were only, like $10!" I get a lot of "seriouslys" and "from wheres" so I figured today was the day I'd share my secret.

Now before you get suspicious, I'm not a spokesperson and I get NOTHING from this blog. NOTHING. I shelled out the $10 from my own bank account. I just seriously love my Beverlys and wanted to share! :D

A few months ago, I was diagnosed with an "eye fever." I had this terrible illness like the flu and part of the symptoms were long-term vision loss. This all happened while I was on vacation in Florida. Yep, it stunk. Luckily, I had my very expensive Kate Spade cat-eye glasses with me but when I got back to Indiana and my doctor told me that I'd have to lay off the contacts for months and possibly even years. (YES YEARS!) I knew I needed some extra specs. Now, glasses are expensive and my insurance was spent. So, I looked at my options online. I order my contacts online so I figured, why not?

I found not one but two websites that I have ordered from with great success. And, since I'm only paying $10-20 per pair, I can experiment and have fun with them!

I know a lot of you are thinking, I need to try on my glasses. On these sites, you upload a photo of yourself, put in your facial measurements and you virtually try them on. The results are spot on. In comparing the virtual try on to what they look like on my face, it's a complete match. And I can get a better view of what others see than just looking in a mirror.

My EyeBuyDirect glasses!
My EyeBuyDirect glasses! Yes, I know they are HUGE and I love them!

So, here are the two that I tried: EyeBuyDirect and WhereLight. Both glasses came exactly like they were advertised and fit great. The lenses are the correct prescription and though I didn't get all the add-ons and extras, you can get them at a reasonable cost. So, my Kate Spades were upwards of $200 plus lens but my online glasses were under $20 with lenses, shipped. And, I wear the online glasses way more!

A couple things to note about ordering glasses online:

  • You do need a licensed professional optometrist to test your eyes and give you a prescription.
  • Allow several weeks for shipping. Yes, they are coming from overseas but let's be real, everything you buy comes from overseas these days.
  • If you order the big plastic frames like me, they can't be adjusted.
  • If you HATE them, the bright side is they are cheap! :)
  • Look out for coupon codes. My glasses were originally $16.95 but I found some discounts!

So, get to ordering! And, enjoy your specs!


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