Think about that how-to-shop-for person in your life. Have they acted unbecoming? Does their attitude stink? Do they have a good sense of humor or does that stink too? Maybe they just love nature?

Warning: Questionable content ahead.

[You're going to see one of those words we can't say on the radio. If you're offended by the use of an "s" word that could be substituted for feces turn back now.)

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A few years ago I stumbled across something that made me think, "that ain't right." but it made me chuckle enough to look into it a little more.

After a little digging if found some funny sh*t that left me no choice but to reach out to a lady who has come up with a creative twist to animal waste. Yes, animal poop.

If you ever get a chance to talk to Mary Winchenbach she will claim to have sh*t for brains but, in actuality, her creative use of moose poo has led to her own reality TV show.

Tirdy Works via Facebook
Tirdy Works via Facebook

Tirdy Works

Mary does a better job explaining things about her hobby-turned job of making crafts out of animal feces, a.k.a. "tirds." (Yes, that's how she spells it.)

The crafts and decor Tirdy Works makes from animal droppings are funny and creative. Important to let you know these "products" are coated and not just untreated pieces of poo.

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