For once this IS NOT clickbait! He's here!! 

Just this last night, I got a text from a friend of mine who is a Lyft driver in town (hi Dillon!!) and he said "so I picked up a guy this morning, and I am pretty sure it was Damien from Mean Girls!" so we did some investigating and it sure was!

on Instagram Daniel Franzese who you may know as Damien from Mean Girls posted a photo on Instagram where he says "What's up friend" and geotagged Evansville Indiana. I was wondering why he was here, because I love Evansville, but it's not usually a hopping tourist destination, so he had to be here for something, right?

Turns out he's going to be performing at USI tonight at 6:30 PM! Here's the info on the event from USI!

Hopefully while performing no one yells "she doesn't even go here!" at him! haha!

It's always interesting when a celebrity drops by! Maybe we will run into him grabbing coffee, or eating some pizza today! Who knows! So keep your eyes open! Welcome to Evansville Daniel!

What up friend?

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