High school students all over the country, and here in the Tri-State, are planning various activities to honor the 17 kids killed in the Florida school shooting in February.

Locally, students have been given a bit of freedom to do what they think think is best. At Castle, students will head out to the track for 17 minutes. As for Evansville, each school has something different planned. The EVSC is giving schools 17 minutes, at 10am, to commemorate those who lost their lives. Of course, none of these activities are mandatory. Student who choose to walk out and not come back for the day will be treated like they would on any other day, as absent or truant.

While looking for information about this walkout, I saw an awesome picture that proposed students walk UP and not out. What does that mean? Well it's actually good advice for all of us, on any/every day.

  • Walk UP to the kid that sits alone and ask him/her to join you or your group.
  • Walk UP to the kid who never has a voluntary partner and offer to be his/hers.
  • Walk UP to your teachers and thank them.
  • Walk UP to someone and JUST BE NICE to them!

I think today would be a great day to talk to your kids about this issue, whether for the first time or not. Talk about what their school did...did they participate...how did it make them feel. Talk about how they treat other students and how they are treated as well.

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