Yesterday, Mattingly Charities hosted a Halloween party for some very excited kiddos. Kids from the Dream Center, Southside Stars Youth Zone and the Highland Challenger League – This was a very special invite only party for the players and their parents – and Brave was there, too!

Our friend, Braxton, is the perfect little Harry Potter!

Photo: Mattlingly Charities

Rylie Helmer had an awesome time with her friends and 'Donny Baseball'!

Photo: Andrea Helmer

Mattlingly Charities Party

Mattingly Charities provides support to organizations who administer athletic, social development, and educational programs for underserved youth in the Evansville, IN community.

Don Mattingly is known around the world as 'The Hit Man' or 'Donnie Baseball,' both praises from his playing days with the New York Yankees. Around here, he's known for much more than that. He led the Scott Township Little League team to a championship. He's a Reitz Memorial High School hall-of-famer. He's a philanthropist and founder of Mattingly Charities and helps kids right here in our community. To us, he's a hometown hero. To him, this is home. But sometimes he gets the privilege of viewing his home as an outsider - and he's very proud of the way it's changing right before his eyes.


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