I was first introduced to Slim Chickens a couple of years ago on campus at Western Kentucky University. I was there emceeing their Traditions Night at Diddle Arena and their welcome-back-to-campus concert and fireworks event outside. Slim Chickens catered the VIP tent and I was invited to eat. I had never heard of Slim Chickens, but immediately fell in love with it after loading up my plate. I remember telling one of the women who was catering that night, "Okay! Where has Slim Chickens been my whole life? We need to get one of these in Owensboro."

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Well, guess what? Construction on our brand new Slim Chickens location is nearly complete and folks in Owensboro and the surrounding areas are going to get the chance to love it too. So, to get you ready for the big grand opening which is just weeks away, I have assembled a list of Five Things You Must Try Immediately When Slim Chickens Opens in Owensboro on Monday, March 4th.

#1- Slim Chickens Tenders

Look! This is obvious and a given. I also understand that we have lots of 'chicken' places in town. But Slim Chickens tenders are really unique and the restaurant offers 17 different kinds of dipping sauces. Speaking of which, there will be more on that in a few.

#2- Mac & Cheese

There's hardly anything more southern that a side order of Mac & Cheese. It's cheesy, creamy and darn near perfect. While this is my favorite, I feel like I should award an honorable mention to their potato salad.

#3- Slim Sauce

Among Slim Chickens' 17 different varieties of dipping sauce, you will find Slim Sauce. As the chain explains on their official website, Slim Sauce is an "institution." It's their "super secret sauce" with herb tomato flavors and a hint a pepper. I love tomato and this sauce is on. freaking. point.

#4- Chicken and Waffles

Let's be honest about this. Chicken and syrup may sound weird on paper, but it looks delicious on a plate. Slim Chickens tops a big ole waffle with three fresh tenders and some syrup. This may sound like breakfast, but at Slim Chickens, it's served for lunch and dinner.

#5- Jar Desserts

Slim Chickens serves three different layered desserts in glass jars. How southern is that? They have their popular Chocolate Brownie Pudding Jar Dessert, their Strawberry Cheesecake Jar Dessert and their Oreo Cheesecake Dessert. When I visit Slim Chickens, I know I am getting one. I just have trouble deciding which one to get.

The Owensboro Slim Chickens location is opening soon at 3724 Frederica Street- next to Azzip Pizza.

To learn more about Slim Chickens and to see their full menu, CLICK or CLUCK HERE!

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