As the NCAA basketball tournament rolls into the weekend and the field of 64 teams gets narrowed down to the Sweet 16, we're already down our version of it.  We're down to the Sweet & Savory 16 in our brand-new Menu Madness contest.  The first round of voting has been completed and we're down to 16 dishes here in western Kentucky and 16 dishes in southern Indiana.

We've teamed up with Robert John & Associates for Menu Madness, a fun contest that, through YOUR votes, will ultimately determine THE best signature dish from a locally-owned restaurant here in the Tristate!

Menu Madness Sweet & Savory 16 - Kentucky

Here's your chance to vote for your favorites in Round 2 of our competition. First up, here are the 16 remaining western Kentucky dishes that are battling for spots in the Elite Treat 8! Vote for your favorite in each bracket matchup.

Now, here's your chance to vote for your favorite dishes in the southern Indiana Sweet & Savory 16 too.  Eight of these dishes will advance through to the quarterfinals.

Menu Madness - Sweet & Savory 16 - Indiana

Thanks for your votes!  Stay tuned for the results of our latest round of competition. The winners of the Elite Treat 8 will advance to the Flavorful Final 4. After a winner is crowned on each side of the river, those two dishes will square off in our Menu Madness overtime round to fight for the title of Best Dish in the Tristate!

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