One Indiana animal rescue hopes to reach its $1.25 million goal allowing it to build a brand new shelter to house the animals in its care and fundraising is now underway.

Saving Lives for 40 Years

Located in Newburgh, Indiana, Warrick Humane Society has been saving the lives of animals in the community for 40 years. What started in 1983 with just a few good-hearted people who opened their homes, has grown over the years to provide a no-kill shelter in Warrick County.

At Warrick Humane Society, our mission is to end the animal overpopulation crisis in the community, to find homes for homeless and neglected animals, and to provide educational programs and community services for the mutual benefit of animals and people.
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Repair Expense Growing


With age comes wear and tear and the rescue's current building has fallen into poor condition. While the staff at Warrick Humane Society works to maintain the building, the money they are spending on repairs could be better spent to serve the animals in their care.

With a new facility, we would financially be able to focus solely on the health of our animals. We would also be able to provide the community with more low-cost veterinary options, which we get calls for every day.

Plans for a New Facility

Not only would the new facility allow the rescue staff to focus all of its resources on the care of the animals, but the new facility would also allow the shelter to have multiple quarantine rooms, all with separate ventilation which is crucial to maintaining the health of all of the animals in their care.

attachment-warrick humane new facility

Additional Benefits of the New Build

Warrick Humane Society's plan for the new facility also includes a separate intake area that would allow for later hours, more rooms for the animals in their care, a conference room for educational services, and meet and greet areas so potential adopters can spend more time with the animals, as well as private adoption rooms to give adopters time and privacy to go over adoption documents.

It Started with a Gift

Warrick Humane Society was gifted a plot of land in 2021, along with a monetary donation dedicated to this project. These gifts have acted as the catalyst for the new venture, but the rescue still needs the help and support of the community to turn its dream of a new shelter into a reality.

How You Can Help

If you would like to help Warrick Humane Society build its new shelter and provide a necessary resource for the animals of the community, you can make a tax-deductible donation through their website at

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