The Indiana Department of Transportation, along with Indiana State Police and Indiana Department of Homeland Security have a message for solar eclipse viewers: "Arrive Early - Stay Put - Leave Late."

A Massive Influx of People are Expected to Travel to Indiana for the 2024 Eclipse

According to the official government website for the state of Indiana, communities and public safety officials across the Hoosier State are preparing for a massive influx of people to view the upcoming total solar eclipse taking place on Monday, April 8, 2024.

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Just How Many People Are Expected to Travel to Indiana for the 2024 Eclipse?

With much of Indiana within the path of totality for the solar eclipse, officials are expecting a great number of people to be traveling into the state. The exact number still remains to be seen, but sources like Inside Indiana Business have said the potential of "bringing up to a million people to the state" is not an unreasonable expectation. The Indiana Department of Homeland Security says that we could see an "influx of hundreds of thousands of visitors."

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What Does the 2024 Eclipse Mean for Public Safety in Indiana?

Obviously with that many people expected to travel to and from the state, in addition to the roughly 6.8 million people that already live here, there are some concerns for public safety. In addition to large public gatherings in cities, towns, and even fields across the state, traffic will be another safety issue of particular concern. Indiana Department of Homeland Security says that first responders across the state will be very busy.

First responders will be extremely active during the eclipse, which is expected to bring common headaches that are associated with large gatherings, like the crowd the eclipse will bring to Indiana. Traffic congestion, potential accidents, health and safety risks and more are all part of the planning process for IDHS and partner agencies such as DNR, INDOT, ISP and others. For the past year, a large group of state and local agencies have been meeting to plan for the unique total solar eclipse event in Indiana.
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What Can You Do to Stay Safe in Indiana During the 2024 Eclipse?

Whether an Indiana resident or a traveler to the state, the Indiana Department of Transportation, Indiana State Police, and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security have shared some tip for those who plan to view the April 8, 2024, total solar eclipse. In addition to planning your viewing location in advance, officials say to "Arrive Early | Stay Put | Leave Late." Additional recommendations include:

  • Take extra supplies like water, snacks, charging cables, portable power banks
  • Bring your solar eclipse viewing glasses with you
  • Allow extra travel time in anticipation of heavier than usual traffic
  • Stay safe on the road by buckling your seatbelt and keeping your phone away while driving (For visitors: Indiana is a "hands-free" state)

Stay Up to Date on Indiana Travel Conditions During the Eclipse

To stay up to date with travel conditions across the state of Indiana, you can visit or utilize the INDOT's TrafficWise app. For more details about the April 8, 2024, total solar eclipse across Indiana, visit

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