If you're looking forward to the solar eclipse and want to soak up as much totality as possible, you won't have to travel far from the Tri-State!


April 8th, Total Solar Eclipse

As we are getting closer to the total solar eclipse our area will be experiencing on April 8th, excitement is building.  This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many of us.  During totality in the Evansville area, we will experience a full 3 minutes and 3 seconds of darkness.  Totality is when the moon fully covers the sun and it will turn into night time in the middle of the day.   That will give us 3 minutes to take a look at a dark sky in the middle of the day, but where will you get to experience the longest duration of totality?

Photo by Joseph Corl on Unsplash
Photo by Joseph Corl on Unsplash

Solar Eclipse Over the Hoosier State

A large portion of Indiana will get to experience the total solar eclipse in the path of totality.  According to Great American Eclipse, totality will last for a total of about 11 minutes across the state of Indiana.

Photo by Adam Smith on Unsplash
Photo by Adam Smith on Unsplash

However, that doesn't mean Indiana will experience 11 full minutes of totality.  If you're within the path of totality you'll most likely see about 3-4 minutes of totality.

The total solar eclipse visits Indiana on April 8, 2024 beginning at 3:01 pm EDT with the final exit of the Moon’s shadow from the state at 3:12 pm EDT. Through Indiana, the speed of the Moon’s shadow will accelerate from about 1700 miles per hour to about 1850 miles per hour.


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Where to Experience the Longest Duration of Totality

Here in Evansville, we will be experiencing about 3 minutes and 2 seconds of totality.  However, you can experience more than a whole extra minute of totality if you head a bit north.  According to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, the city of Vincennes will experience the longest duration of totality, lasting a whole 4 minutes and 5 seconds. Just behind Vincennes are the cities of Franklin and Bloomington which both will experience 4 minutes and 2 seconds of totality.

So if you want to experience the maximum duration of totality in the Hoosier state, you'll want to head over to Vincennes.  This makes sense because Vincennes is located on the solar eclipse center line (more on that here).



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