Sandy Lowe and Dianne Hall have been friends for a long time. Both have struggled with their weight in the past. When Sandy took the leap of faith and decided to have the Gastric Sleeve Surgery in 2016, Dianne became interested in doing the same thing. Sandy encouraged Dianne to go through the necessary steps to get her surgery scheduled. With a little help from her friend, Dianne had her surgery in January of this year.

Both friends have lost a lot of weight since their surgery and they continue cheering one another on and helping each other out. This is what we are each supposed to be doing. Proverbs 27:17 says, "Iron sharpens iron, as one friends sharpens another."

I loved listening to them share what is working for them and what foods they are eating!

You can listen to them share what their experience has been like and the healthy foods they are enjoying! t

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Check out the Partner Exercise (Squat & Pass) that Sandy and Dianne tried out!

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