Yes, badminton can actually be breathtakingly fun to watch.

In case you don't get the Badminton Channel on your cable system (if it doesn't exist, someone may want to mull it over after watching this), you missed an epic volley at last month's Badminton World Championships finals in Glasgow, Scotland between P.V. Sindhu and Nozomi Okuhara.

The two got into a legendary volley that featured a staggering 73 shots that lasted one minute and 14 seconds, which is probably the longest time you've ever spent watching badminton and may even be better than this other fast-moving rally. These two went back and forth more than pundits speaking for and against Donald Trump. And it was even more riveting.

Sindhu won the point, but Okuhara got the last laugh -- assuming her stomach muscles weren't worn down by the competition -- by winning the title.

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