Once complete, Woodmere Dog Park will provide a beautiful green space in Southern Indiana for dogs and their owners to enjoy time outdoors. The project just got a big push toward reaching its fundraising goal too.

A Generous Donation

Fundraising for the project has been underway for some time now. However, recently, according to Evansville 411 News, a local animal-loving community leader with a giving spirit made a generous donation.

A local philanthropist, community leader, and animal lover has generously contributed a lead $100,000 sponsorship for the Woodmere Dog Park project!

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Closer to Their Goal

Thanks to that donation, the Woodmere Dog Park project is now closer than ever to reaching its fundraising goal to bring the project to fruition. According to Evansville 411, they are now 80% of the way to having the money to fund the project.

Photo by Ben Pitasky on Unsplash

When and Where

Once completed, Woodmere Dog Park will be next to the Indiana State Hospital grounds, located off Lincoln Avenue on Evansville's east side. The park will be an open-range green space spread over three acres. Evansville 411 says the plan is for construction to begin next year.

The Woodmere Dog Park hopes to start construction in 2023, which will be located on the east side of Evansville adjacent to the State Hospital Grounds. The new dog park facility will be a 3 acre complex that will provide a safe and convivial opportunity for a free-range activity for dogs and their owners.

Help Fund the Project

If you would like to help fund the project and contribute a monetary donation, you can do so by visiting WoodmereDogPark.org.

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