According to a recent article in the Indy Star, the Indiana legislature is in the midst of hashing out a number of proposals before the Indiana General Assembly convenes in the second week of March.

Here is a snapshot of what your Hoosier lawmakers have been up to this session.

Pre-K: House Bill 1004, which provides vouchers for low-income families to enroll their children in Pre-K programs, has passed the House and moved to the Senate. Funds may not be available until 2015.

Day Cares: House Bill 1036 would make it so unlicensed daycares, including those in churches and home run facilities, would have to adhere to the same safety regulations as licensed operations if they accept money from taxpayers. The bill has passed the House and moves to the Senate.

Income Tax Exemptions: House Bill 1211 requires income tax exemptions to be subject to annual adjustments – in line with the Consumer Price Index. It also increases the tax exception for children from $1,500 to $2,000. The bill has moved to the Senate.

Highway Funding: House Bill 1002 stands to appropriate $400 million in Major Moves road funding that was established in 2013 for highway expansion projects. $25 million has been allocated for local governments. The bill is now pending in the Senate.

Sunday Alcohol Sales: House Bill 1022 would have made Sunday alcohol sales legal in Indiana. However, the bill was declined a hearing after failing to advance the House Public Policy Committee.

Electronic Surveillance: House Bill 1099 would keep law enforcement from conducting warrantless surveillance. Senate Bill 64 and House Bill 1384 dictates that a search warrant be obtained for police to download a user’s cell phone data. All of these bills are on their way to the chamber for deliberation.

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