We got to know Daniel Barritt under unfortunate circumstances earlier this year. His entire business was lost in the Diamond Flea Market fire. Daniel made lemonade out of lemons by opening his own storefront, Evansville Toys & Games.

On Sunday, vandals attempted to break his spirit and steal his merchandise. Who does something like this, and why?

Daniel Barritt
Daniel Barritt
Daniel's response is quite the opposite of what mine is. I'm ready to avenge the crime now! But Daniel and his family are already putting the pieces of broken glass behind them.
First off no one was hurt and that is the most important thing. I want to thank everyone that stopped by to help out and everyone that offered as well. Also thanks to Siemers Glass for the quick repair of our door. Also the work on our display cases and the work they will be doing. Also Service Master for help the in cleaning up. Another huge thank you to everyone for their continued love and support.
We did have some stuff stolen as well, mostly game systems, some games, and a chunk of Pokémon cards. Thankfully it was not worse and we have some backstock to replenish a chunk of it. This was just another bump in the road. We will not let this stop us from being there for everyone as well. The goal is still the same as it always has been. Bring smiles and happiness to as many people as possible. Things like this will not change that. We will be open tomorrow and ready for business at 11am. Again you all are awesome and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything.
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