Did you hear the one about the dude that got wasted and went to the library? I don't have a cheesy one liner to end this, I was just wondering.

Hey I have a great idea, let's go get wasted at a library! Said, no one ever. Until, Justin Colnar of Joliet, IL came along...PATCH

The 36 year old received a ticket for $150 for "trespassing" as he was drunk at a library, carrying around a bottle of vodka. This also got Justin a lifetime ban from the library...now where is he going to go to look up icky things on the internet? As if this story isn't good enough, there are seven days in a week and Justin went next level.

"But wait...there's more!" Public intoxication is this dudes jam. He enjoys getting wasted and kicking it in public. Library wasted is one thing, but what could he do for an encore? A ballgame, a concert, a funeral?? Hell no, WASTED AT TARGET!

A few days later on Thursday, Justin Colnar was arrested for retail theft at a Joliet Target store...What was he carrying at the time of the arrest you ask? A bottle of whiskey, oh and a cell phone...maybe to watch the icky internet stuff.

"When they saw him in the store, he was concealing items in his pants, the liquor and the phone, and he then left the store without paying for either one of them." - Deputy Police Chief

He's a drinky "stick stuff in your pants" thief. This dude apparently has a rep at this Target location, he was warned three times prior to not come to the store. So when they spotted Justin in the Target, they knew he was up to something.
First a library, then a Target...this guy can pick his spots. What's next a doctors office, maybe a car wash, oh wait what about a nursing home?!?!

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