This morning, I awoke a tad bit early to make my daughter and I homemade vanilla French toast. Last night, I made panko-breaded, pan-fried pork cutlets. I placed each one in a baguette with a slice of my mother's garden grown tomato, and olive oil mayonnaise. Holy Moly, was it ever good. I saved one of those prized sammies from the clutches of my family and squirreled away for my lunch today. French toast and a pan-fried pork sandwich. Things couldn't be any brighter today!

Being the first day of school, I met my daughter's babysitter at her son's school. It started sprinkling rain moments before my drop off. So, I unstrapped my urchin and snagged her breakfast bag that held one piece of French toast, yogurt and a "fruitie" which is actually organic fruits and vegetables pureed into baby food. She eats one every morning for those extra nutrients.

Now, instead of grabbing my umbrella like any sane mother would do, I went off-grid and decided to make a mad dash for the van. It started POURING about 15 seconds after we got out of the car. I threw the bag in the van, blew the kid a kiss and ran off. She's old enough to buckle herself in so it's not, like, a thing...

Soaking wet and freezing, I headed to work. When I got out of my car at work, again sans umbrella in the rain, I noticed I had pitched MY lunch bag in the van with the kid.


So, instead of making lemonade which would have been really tastey, I decided to taste the baby food with my buddy Ryan and catch it on camera.

Now before you watch this, yes I am a granola mom. I'm the one you love to hate. So, here's what I think pumpkin, apple, sweet potato puree tastes like...

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