It looks like it's going to be very cold tonight. I’ve heard weather formatters talking about a polar vortex in the northeast, in May. Some areas will even see snow. And, even though it won’t e that bad here, no snow, its going to the cold. Really cold.

A freeze and frost advisory is in effect for the entire WKDQ listening area. This infographic, from the National Weather Service, explains it all.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

If you are like me, I’m very concerned about my plants. I’m afraid that the new leaves on my trees will burn up and effect how they look in the summer. The Spring flowers on my bushes also have my concerned.  Will they get frost bite? And, my annuals, what do I do about them? Should I cover them? With what? Did I plant them too soon? Will I have to buy new ones?

I have so many questions, so we called Dave from Combs Landscaping to get some answers. Here is what he had so say.

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