Since taking full custody of my boys last December, we have all gone through a lot of adjustments, and at times it has been difficult for all of us, but especially my sons. Parents always want to make sure they are doing the right things and teaching the right lessons. My boys have been through a lot, but they have always managed to maintain their dispositions that, at times, lights up a room as bright as any star. My son, Ethan, struggles a little in school, and deals with a few extra challenges that his younger brother Evan does not.

Those two are joined at the hip, and as much as they get on each other's nerves, they ALWAYS have the other's back. I remember one Christmas where Ethan, whose birthday is just a few days before Christmas, inadvertently opened too many gifts on his birthday and had nothing to open on Christmas, which was totally my fault because I completely miscounted. Evan let his brother open half of his presents and told him he was welcome to play with anything he wanted. Santa found our house the next day.

Another time, at GattiTown, Ethan amassed hundreds of tickets while playing the games, where Evan only collected 4 and cried. Without any prodding from me, Ethan goes right up to Evan and offers to split his tickets with his brother, while letting him keep the extra 4...I was beyond words.

This past Saturday night, it was Super Hero night at the Icemen game and free red capes were given to most of the kids. One little boy, 3-year-old Hudson, was sitting right in front of us and did not have a cape. Again, without a word from anybody else, Ethan got up and removed his cape and gave it to Hudson with the explanation that it fits him better. It may not seem like a lot on the surface, but it made Lisa and I so unbelievably proud and the smile on Hudson's face said everything anyone needed to know. That is just Ethan being Ethan.

I am so proud of both my boys and the way they have handled their situation. It inspires me everyday not to sweat the small stuff, but at the same time, reminds me of how important the little things are...a lesson they learn from their older brother Baylor.

The three of them give us so much, that I fear we sometimes take them for granted...all parents do, but there is nothing better than when our children teach us the most valuable lessons of all. I love my boys; thank you for keeping me on the straight and are all wise beyond your years.


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