In those rare instances where I play the lottery then day dream about what I'll do with all the money after my numbers are called, one of the first things that comes to mind is travel. You know, get out there and see what the world has to offer. Of course, my lottery numbers never come up so any traveling dreams I have need to fit within the confines of my existing budget which, let's say, greatly limits my options. But what if someone was offering to pay you a good chunk of change to travel? That's exactly what is looking to do.

The popular booking website is currently accepting applications for a "Poolhop," and they're ready to fork over $10,000 to whomever lands the position. Plus, they'll pay some of your travel expenses!

What is a "Poolhop?" For starters, it's a made up word. But for the purpose of this position, it's a person the website will pay to "travel across the country researching the most epic hotel pools from coast to coast." More specifically,

The Poolhop’s responsibilities are simple; travel to some of the most incredible hotel pools across the country, sip on fruity drinks, snap some photos, sport a hotel robe and report back to reward-loving fans. In case we weren't clear enough: Lounge by the pool. Document the experience. Get paid.

The gig will happen over a two week span in August, and will require you to take a ton of "gram-worthy" photos as well as sharing your experience on social media.

You must be 21 or older to apply. If you fit that criteria, jump over to the online application and put your name in the running by Tuesday, June 25th (2019). Good luck!


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