Something wicked this way comes. That's the vibe I got watching a homesteader's security camera that shows a ghost-like image walking across their property.

I believe this homesteader is named Kevin Lake. Kevin is an author who shares a lot of books on Amazon and Etsy. He has a security camera posted outside of his homestead home which captured a very creepy image. Pay special attention to a white figure that appears early in the video in the middle top-left area and makes its way across the outskirts of the woods adjacent to his property.

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Petrified PK had an interesting theory that makes sense, but still doesn't look quite right if you watch it again:

Since it is morel season, I was thinking mushroom hunter with a clear rain poncho. But still looks a tad bit spooky.

The image does not appear clear to me. Definitely very mist-like white. You would think that a mushroom hunter's clothing would appear more of a solid color underneath a clear poncho. However, it did appear that whatever this is happens to be walking.

YouTube user Alison Lee notices something else eerie:

That was amazing and kind of creepy, the white figures seemed to split into 2!! And the chickens seems spooked

Kim Mills added this good point:

That white figure must be huge to show up so well from that distance.

What was wandering in the morning mist? A human mushroom hunter out for a walk or something else?

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