So this is two days in a row that I have been invited to eat at an Evansville restaurant...and it's two days in a row that have nothin' but good things to say about the experiences. Today I got to dine at Riverside Cookery, which is located inside Casino Aztar.

Riverside Cookery is in the same spot that Corky's used to occupy...and has been there for about a year or so. I can't believe I've never eaten there before today. I can safely say that I WILL eat there again.

Today was a special media day at Riverside Cookery, mainly to get the word out about some of the new items added to their menu. I sampled a couple of the new items, and was NOT disappointed. I ate with a couple of my radio co-workers and we all got different things, so we could all sample each dish. We started off with one of their signature appetizers...fried alligator. Delicious! It was fried in a cornmeal type breading, similar to catfish, and came with a tangy cocktail sauce. It was right on the money. For our main dishes I had the Shrimp Po' Boy sandwich (a new item)...we also had the Hot Brown (another new item)...and the Beale Street Sampler (not a new item, but a mammoth amount of food).

I knew right off the bat that I was gonna get the Po' Boy. Fried shrimp on a hoagie roll with lettuce and some sauce? No brainer. The shrimp was great...fried but not greasy and heavy. The hoagie was nice and soft and just the right size. And the remoulade was yummy too...with capers and just a little bit of bite. I would definitely recommend this sandwich.

One of my friends had the Hot Brown, which is described as "an open-faced sandwich with turkey, bacon, tomatoes, and topped with a light cheese sauce." Let me tell you there is nothin' light about that cheese sauce, but you won't here me complaining about that. This thing was great! Very rich and very filling. I will probably try one of my own next time I am there.

My other friend had the Beale Street Sampler, a man-sized plate of food that includes the best tastes of Memphis...smoked sausage, beef brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken and BBQ ribs. You gotta be really hungry to put all that away. Maybe split it with your sweetheart. The smoked sausage was delicious, and the brisket was so tender you could cut it just by thinking about it.

Of course no meal is complete with out dessert...right? We all split a brownie sundae, peach cobbler a la mode and a piece of strawberry cream pie. You can see the carnage below.

Be sure to keep Riverside Cookery in mind next time you're looking for some place to have lunch or dinner. I don't know if it's a place you would want to take young children. I didn't see a kid's menu, and it might get kinda pricey to feed your whole family (I know I wouldn't take my kids). But it's definitely a great place to take a date, or have business dinner. And if you can, ask for Titus, he is a young fella who is new to Evansville, and he took great care of us today.