Move over Dekalb, there's another town in Illinois with a phallic shaped building.

I don't know if the kids still call it this, but when I was younger everyone "affectionately" called the Holmes Student Center at NIU in Dekalb, the John Holmes building.

Here's a picture of it to explain why.

The towering edifice on NIU's campus stands proudly, several stories taller than any building in the surrounding corn. If you don't understand the "John Holmes" reference, then you probably don't know who John Holmes is. I will not be linking any information to him in this article. You'll have to do the googling on your own.

But then I recently came across another Illinois building that puts the Holmes center to shame when it comes to reminding people of private parts.

The Illinois Christian Science church in (appropriately) Dixon, Illinois.

Here is the unblurred version of the picture at the top of this post.

Google earth
Google earth


Here's a view of the building from the street, which is much less phallic-y.

Joe Dredge
Joe Dredge

This is obviously a very juvenile thing to point out but I absolutely love the fact that someone from Dixon is claiming that the building doesn't look like what it actually looks like.

HuffPo - Local architect John McLane (Note: actual name), who did not design the church, told the site he believes it's "a little bit of a stretch" to claim that the ariel view of the structure looks like a penis.

Listen John McLane, if that's even your real name. You can tell me that the church wasn't built to look like a penis. You can tell me that all phallic shaped buildings are unintentional. But please don't tell me that this building doesn't look like a penis from above because it absolutely does.



Honestly, one of the funniest pictures of a church you'll ever see.

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