This is such a cool opportunity. The Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra has announced that they will open up a total of 5 Classics Rehearsals to the general public for just $5. When you pay your $5 fee you will then get a coupon for $5 off the next night’s concert. This gives the public a great chance to get a behind the scenes look of the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra and everything that goes in to making a concert possible. The rehearsal details are as follows:

  •  Rehearsal of Toyota’s Opening Night: Silver Celebration: September 27th 7:30pm
  • Rehearsal of Strings on Fire!: January 17th 7:30pm
  • Rehearsal of Romeo & Juliet: February 14th 7:30pm
  • Rehearsal of Musical Fairytales: March 21st 7:30pm
  • Rehearsal of Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony April 25th 7:30pm

Doors will open to each rehearsal at 6:30pm and will close by 7:45pm.

"We hope to introduce the orchestra to a wide range of people including those who may have never had an opportunity to experience this type of musical experience before. We are trying to expand our audience and we see this as a potential way to do that," said Executive Director Gary Wagner.

About the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra

The mission of the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra is to engage the Tri-State community in the powerful experience of live symphonic music. The Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra is the largest non-profit arts institution in the Tri-State area. The orchestra performs its Classics and Pops concerts in the beautiful Victory Theatre in downtown Evansville. Throughout its 78 year history, the Philharmonic has been committed to providing high-quality music education, outreach and entertainment programs for the entire Tri-State. It is dedicated to sharing the powerful experience of live symphonic music with people of all ages.

(Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra/Facebook)
(Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra/Facebook)

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